JCBA 12 Days of Christmas

Get Paid to Shop Local with JCBA’s 12 Days of Christmas – COVID-19 VERSION!

Keeping with the theme, nothing in 2020 is quite going to plan.  The JCBA will continue to offer our annual 12 Days of Christmas Shopping Adventure, but we’ve had to make some changes.  Our businesses are making difficult decisions, and some have decided to opt out of the 12 Days of Christmas following the latest restrictions.  Those businesses are have been greyed out on the right.

The new terms of the game are to that you need to have 15 punches to enter, and that you need a total of 26 for an additional entry.

Be sure to wear a mask and practice social distancing when you shop.  We want to support our businesses and do so safely!

Our prizes remain the same, and the businesses who are participating will be extra glad to see you this year.  Enjoy!