COVID-19 Re-Opening Guidance

State of Illinois Phase 3 Re-opening Guidance

The State of Illinois released guidance for Phase 3, or the Recovery Phase where many new businesses and activities are allowed to return. But we will not open our doors in the same way as we did at the beginning of the year. While many businesses are now allowed to resume activities, they must do so adhering to criteria that has been set our for their specific type of business or activity.

The guidance is split into 10 different categories of industry. The categories are offices, restaurants & bars, personal care & services, retail, service counters, manufacturing, health and fitness business, outdoor recreation, youth sports, and day camps. Click your industry below to be linked to the specific guidance for your category. Businesses should read the guidance pertaining to them prior to opening their doors.

Office Guidelines – For businesses operating within offices include (non-exhaustive): legal services, accounting services, architectural/engineering design.

Restaurants & Bars Guidelines (outdoor dining and drinking) – Full-service restaurants, limited-service restaurants, snacks bars, taverns, and other food and beverage businesses

Personal Care & Services Guidelines – Hair salons, barber shops, nail salons, spas, massage parlors, waxing centers, tattoo parlors

Retail Guidelines – Retailers and merchandisers such as: grocery stores; hardware stores; clothing stores; pharmacies; department stores; shopping malls

Service Counter Guidelines – Stores providing assorted services for dropped off goods, such as: dry cleaners; electronics repair shops; shoe repair shops; car washes

Manufacturing Guidelines – Manufacturing facilities such as plants, factories and mills

Health & Fitness Business Guidelines – Gyms, fitness centers, yoga, dance, cycling, pilates, barre studios, and other customer-facing fitness centers

Outdoor Recreation Guidelines – Customer facing services such as driving ranges, outdoor shooting ranges, paintball courses, outdoor adventure parks

Youth Sports Guidelines – Youth sports games or matches, group sports lessons, team or group sports practices (no competitive sports permitted in Phase 3)

Day Camps Guidelines – Recreational youth programs such as sports camps, recreational camps, educational camps

In addition to the above guidance, the State of Illinois has developed business toolkits complete with signage, training checklists, and other resources to ensure business and activities are conducted in accordance with the latest and greatest public health recommendations.Once you’ve read the guidance which pertains to your business, these toolkits can help you to take action.

The JCBA has worked with the Jersey County Health Department and Jersey Community Hospital to promote the use of masks.  Please post the flyer at your place of business if you so wish.