Member Benefits

JCBA is a non-profit service and action organization for business. It provides a venue through which people can take effective action for the progress of their community. JCBA is a voluntary organization of business people who are investing time and money in a community development program – working together to improve the economic, civic and cultural well-being of the area.

When you make the decision to join, you make an investment in both your business and your business community. Becoming a member of JCBA gives you an opportunity to make valuable business contacts. Attendance at JCBA sponsored events is one way of meeting new people, sharing ideas and concerns, and of course letting the community know who you are and what services and products you offer.

New members are published each month both in the newsletter and on the JCBA website. All members who renew their commitment to the community through their JCBA membership are listed as well.

New members may call the JCBA office for assistance with ribbon cutting ceremonies and information regarding our programs like Leadership in Action, Business After Hours, Gift Certificates, Member to Member, and other networking opportunities.

The JCBA office handles various calls each year inquiring about business, services, and products available in Jersey County. JCBA refers all requests to members.

JCBA provides all supplies, services, and products from JCBA members.

JCBA provides a variety of promotional opportunities for members. The newsletter is published 12 times a year and reaches over 300 business people. JCBA event sponsorships are another opportunity available for promotion.

We look forward to meeting you and to the opportunity to partner with you for a progressive and prosperous community.