Leadership in Action

Are you interested in learning more about Jersey County and the way it works? Do you want an invaluable networking opportunity?

Jersey County Leadership In Action is a 7-month program designed to assist each participant in acquiring a broader understanding of the issues facing Jersey County as well as in building relationships. A different topic will be covered each month providing first hand unfiltered perspectives from local, regional, and state recognized experts about their experiences in the political, social, cultural, and economic facets of the area.  The JCBA runs this course every two years.

This course will stimulate participant awareness of the Jersey County area, its challenges, and new opportunities by examining the systems and the interrelationships that contribute to patterns of life in the county.

Tuition for Jersey County Leadership In Action is $400. This may be paid by the participant, a sponsoring employer, or any combination thereof (to be arranged by the applicant). The fee includes all materials and meals.

Get more information at (618) 639-5222 or  The registration form can be downloaded: 2022 Leadership Academy Brochure